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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Web Design

The Challenge

We partnered with Hood Code, a nonprofit organization based in New York City that provides coding education to youth living in the city’s public housing system. The team, led by founder Jason Gibson, came to us to find a new visual and verbal brand identity, as well as a new web experience. We needed to establish messaging, a logo, and design guidelines that would draw the attention of major donors and partners - while staying true to what matters at their core: New York City and empowering youth.

The Outcome

We developed core messaging and design that feels as bold and empathetic as they are. Their identity is a rally cry for people to join in their mission to empower youth living in NYC public housing through coding education — advancing equity and equality and aiming to improve their families’ socio-economic legacy.

As a part of the brand strategy process, we developed messaging for their vision, mission, taglines, and short and extended versions of problem and solution statements.


We envision thriving NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) communities where thousands of families have an annual income equivalent to the median for NYC households.


We empower youth living in NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) through coding education — advancing equity and equality and aiming to improve their families’ socio-economic legacy.


I love my hood.

Problem/Solution (Short Version)

Youth in NYC public housing don’t have access to career opportunities in coding. We are working to change the trajectory of their lives.

Problem/Solution (Extended Version)

Children and families in NYC public housing are facing a widening gap related to 21st-century information and economic opportunities in computer science. A majority of youth don’t know that a career in coding is available to them. We facilitate coding education to provide youth with a pathway to a vibrant future. Our programs create a bridge to a new understanding of what’s possible.

Other components of the brand strategy include the following:

  • Why Statement
  • Core Values
  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Program/Service Descriptions
  • Positioning
  • Target Audience
  • Calls To Action
  • Brand Narrative
  • Elevator Pitch

Logo and Visual Branding

Hood Code’s logo and colors provide a modern twist on the signage that is found at each public housing development throughout the city. It is a bold and modern look with a nod to the energy of New York City and the look and feel of hip-hop culture. The new website is simple to navigate as it invites people into the story of Hood Code, it’s founder, and it’s passion to impact the lives of youth throughout the city.

An Energetic Brand Experience

If you were to meet Hood Code’s founder, you would experience genuine energy coupled with a huge vision to introduce youth to coding and computer science at a young age. We designed the logo, using bold typography and dynamic colors to express the founder’s energy and the grit, size, and fearlessness of New York City.


A New Brand That Showed Up and Stands Out

We knew the brand needed to stand out and show up on the scene with a splash that made it difficult for people not to pay attention. Today, Hood Code’s programs are ramping up with significant support from foundations and corporations that are taking notice.

Working with the Liminal Creative team has been a lovely experience. I was really anxious about my organization's branding and design process, and Liminal Creative makes it all very simple and efficient. Working with them helps nonprofit leaders transfer like myself transfer our ideas and visions from our heads into logos, designs, and websites that are second to none.

Their designers are great and the final products came out exactly the way I envisioned. I received help with everything, even choosing a vendor to create promotional items like banners, tablecloths, and tents.

Liminal Creative is the way to go for anyone looking to introduce their organization to the world with a modern, chic, impactful, and vibrant message!

Jason Gibson

Hood Code
Founder & President

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