Brand Clarity, Brand Identity, and Web Design

The Challenge

We collaborated with Learning Together leaders to develop core messaging, rebrand, and complete a website redesign.

Their former branding, messaging, and website failed to capture the significant impact of Learning Together in the early childhood education space for more than 50 years. They needed to present their pioneering, innovative work to families, corporations, foundations, and the community in a way that aligns with the quality and impact of their work.

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The Outcome

Learning Together is now poised to present itself as a leading voice across the state in creating a “super-inclusive” learning environment. Their community advocacy goes beyond the classroom; they work to empower families with the skills and resources needed to advocate for their children, themselves, and their wider community.

Learning Together’s certified developmental day center and community of resources empower children with and without developmental delays and their families with the tools and skills essential for a life of learning and success. We worked with the organization to refine the messaging at the heart of their brand:

As a part of the brand strategy process, we developed messaging for their vision, mission, taglines, and short and extended versions of problem and solution statements.


We envision an education system that is equitable, inclusive, and accessible for all children.


Equity Through Education


We empower children with and without developmental delays and their families with the tools and skills essential for a life of learning and success.

Problem / Solution

Significant disparities in our education system negatively impact students' learning experiences. We champion super-inclusive education as the model for ensuring every student has access to an equitable future.

Other components of the brand strategy include the following:

  • Why Statement
  • Core Values
  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Program/Service Descriptions
  • Positioning
  • Target Audience
  • Calls To Action
  • Brand Narrative
  • Elevator Pitch

Logo and Visual Branding

We developed a contemporary visual style guide for Learning Together. It features a new logo that represents the “Building Blocks” they layer through evidence-based curricula, educational approaches, onsite therapies, family advocacy, and systems-change strategies. It also provides a modernized look as the organization builds a strong academic infrastructure that supports families, organizations, and businesses advocating for inclusive and equitable education.

The chosen colors and typography emphasize the organization’s focus on children and families, while the contemporary feel reflects their forward-thinking advocacy for inclusive and equitable education.

Website Redesign

By refining their core messaging framework and developing a modern visual style guide, we partnered with Learning Together to completely overhaul their website. We began by simplifying the navigation menu, setting the stage for a narrative-driven user experience that leads visitors through Learning Together’s mission, approach, programs, and community impact. This design gives visitors clear ways to engage and support their cause.

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A Contemporary Brand With a Passion For Statewide Impact

As we engaged with the Learning Together team, we recognized their profound dedication to the families they serve and their commitment to the professional growth of their educators and staff. It became clear that their brand needed to reflect their enthusiasm and the exceptional quality of their work. We enhanced their brand by developing a comprehensive communications strategy to expand their network of educators, supporters, and advocates in their local community and throughout North Carolina.

Liminal elevated Learning Together's brand, website, and communication strategies to a new level. They were instrumental in showcasing our story, mission, and the importance of inclusive early education in building equity for our children and families.

Casey Mason

Director of Development & Strategy

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