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Transforming the world by empowering the most vulnerable

A Liminal Creative Case Study

The Challenge

Our friends at Lift Up the Vulnerable hired us for a comprehensive rebranding process to elevate their work in Sudan and South Sudan. They needed everything from brand strategy and messaging to upgraded visual design and a new website that would more fully engage their supporters and advocates.

The Outcome

Lift Up the Vulnerable's core messaging is clear, consistent, and compelling. It calls people to join in their mission to prevent the trafficking and oppression of vulnerable children and women and empower them to be changemakers in their communities.

As a part of the brand strategy process, we developed messaging for their vision, mission, taglines, and short and extended versions of problem and solution statements.


We envision a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered and, through them, war-torn communities are transformed.


We exist to prevent the trafficking and oppression of vulnerable children and women and empower them to be changemakers in their communities.


Preventing human trafficking in warzones;
Empowering changemakers in warzones.

Problem/Solution (Short Version)

Countless children and women in Sudan and South Sudan are victims of modern-day slavery. Prevention and empowerment provide freedom and restore hope.

Problem/Solution (Extended Version)

Children and women are exploited through modern-day slavery — recruited as child soldiers, sold as sex slaves, and trapped in forced labor — which dehumanizes people and destroys their lives. Our solution is a holistic empowerment model that prevents trafficking and empowers children and women to thrive as change agents in their own lives and communities.

Other components of the brand strategy include the following:

  • Why Statement
  • Core Values
  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Program/Service Descriptions
  • Positioning
  • Target Audience
  • Calls To Action
  • Brand Narrative
  • Elevator Pitch

Logo and Visual Branding

Lift up the Vulnerable's logo and colors are modern, timeless, and inviting. The organization’s new website is easy to follow and tells its story effectively. It provides a foundation to grow their support base as they seek to expand their impact.

A Hopeful Brand Experience

Everything about the logo, from the bright colors to the font, reflects the values of love, gratitude, and empowerment. The icon portrays an individual growing beyond oppression and thriving for the benefit of the community he or she is planted within.

Strategically, the brand stands out in the international development space, creates a sense of compassion and motivation, and implies the upward motion of a movement while avoiding the heaviness that is typical in the field.


A Refreshed, Fundraising-Focused Website That Tells a Compelling Story

Our team brought the brand experience to life by designing and developing the new Lift Up the Vulnerable website. Utilizing powerful imagery that shows that the people they serve are the heroes of their own stories, we ensured that the site conveys the compelling story of their work in Sudan and South Sudan.

Liminal Creative did an excellent job in helping us highlight our mission because they took the time to understand the heart of our work. We are grateful for their thoughtful guidance and high-caliber work with our brand messaging guide, logo, and website design.

Audrey Moore

Lift Up the Vulnerable
Chief Executive Officer

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