Improving Public Health in North Carolina

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Web Design

The Challenge

The North Carolina Community Health Workers Association team approached us with the need to clarify their messaging and modernize their marketing strategy so they are seen as the foremost organization that trains and supports Community Health Workers in North Carolina. During the COVID-19 pandemic, their work was vital in communities across the state. However, as the virus subsided, they wanted to ensure that CHWs were still seen as vital health professionals who could provide crucial services beyond the pandemic.

The Outcome

We worked closely with the NCCHWA team to develop a comprehensive understanding of their certification, training, and advocacy work. This led to a complete overhaul of their core messaging, including clarified mission and vision statements. 

Their new core messaging stack served as the foundation for a newly designed logo and the identification of a new color palette and fonts that would help to professionalize their visual identity. 

As a part of the brand strategy process, we developed messaging for their vision, mission, taglines, and short and extended versions of problem and solution statements.


We envision CHWs in North Carolina as valued members of our communities who are deeply embedded in systems.


We advance the professional pathways of CHWs  — ensuring they are valued as frontline public health professionals throughout North Carolina. 


Advancing Community Health Workers

Problem/Solution (Short Version)

Advancing Community Health Workers. Elevating the health of communities.
We advocate for CHWs to be deeply woven into the fabric of our systems as the local solution to public health delivery.

Problem/Solution (Extended Version)

Children and families in NYC public housing are facing a widening gap related to 21st-century information and economic opportunities in computer science. A majority of youth don’t know that a career in coding is available to them. We facilitate coding education to provide youth with a pathway to a vibrant future. Our programs create a bridge to a new understanding of what’s possible.

Other components of the brand strategy include the following:

  • Why Statement
  • Core Values
  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Program/Service Descriptions
  • Positioning
  • Target Audience
  • Calls To Action
  • Brand Narrative
  • Elevator Pitch

Visit the NCCHWA website to see much more of this content in context.

Logo and Visual Branding

We provided NCCHWA with a contemporary visual style guide that includes a new logo, colors, and fonts that convey its team's passion for their work and their relational connections to CHWs throughout North Carolina, giving them newfound credibility as an essential piece of the state's public health landscape.

A Contemporary Brand Focused on Community Impact

As we got to know the NCCHWA team, we quickly understood how much they love the people they get to serve and how deeply committed they are to the professional development of CHWs. We understood that their brand needed to align with their passion and the quality of work the organization does throughout the state. We continue working with NCCHWA to advance their brand by developing a communications strategy and a plan for growing their network of CHWs and supporters across North Carolina.


Website Overhaul

With a foundation of clarified core messaging and a contemporary visual style guide, we worked with NCCHWA to completely redesign their website from the ground up. We started with a streamlined navigation menu, which served as the basis for creating a story-driven user experience that guides visitors through the process of understanding who the organization is, what they do, who they serve, and how people can get involved.


Multilingual Branding & Website

Knowing that a significant percentage of the NCCHWA community speaks Spanish, we worked with the NCCHWA team to build translation tools into the new website. Our bilingual designer also created a Spanish version of the new NCCHWA logo, allowing their team to truly reach their intended audience.

Our team worked with Liminal Creative to build our brand and transform our website. The team was responsive, professional, and enjoyable to work with. The new branding and website align well with our mission, and we have received positive responses from our partners post-launch.

Tania Harper

Operations Manager

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