Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking Mediocre Practices in Your Organization


“It works just well enough to make you think you should keep on doing it?”

This is a constant refrain here at Liminal Creative.

We often create habits, routines, and processes that work just well enough to make us think we should keep on doing them.

We continue doing these things…

  • Because they are comfortable.
  • Because they are “fine.”
  • Because they are what we’ve always done.

By they aren’t …

  • Creative.
  • Compelling.
  • Producing the best results.

Do you see this happening in your organization? If so, we believe now is a great time to re-evaluate and take a deeper look.

What practices, processes, habits, and plans are in place in your organization (and life) that work just well enough to make you think you should keep on doing them?

When it comes to your branding, marketing, and communications, we challenge you to ask yourself, “What things are we doing that are working but aren’t delivering the results that we are looking for?”

Engaging in questions like this will help you and your organization move from good… to great.

Todd Hiestand

Todd has over 20 years of experience as a leader in the nonprofit sector. He has served in a wide variety of roles, guiding digital marketing, technology, fundraising, eCommerce, and communications strategies. His expertise in developing systems and processes has helped launch organizations and sustain growth over time.