Yes, You Do Need That Rebranding Project: Why a Cohesive Brand Yields Growth

Even with the noblest intentions, many nonprofits struggle to connect deeply with their audience and convey their purpose effectively.

We believe that nonprofit organizations drive hope and positive change in our world.

Especially for organizations working with people in urban communities and developing countries, their missions are fueled by passion and the unwavering desire to make a difference in their communities.

However, even with the noblest intentions, many nonprofits struggle to connect deeply with their audience and convey their purpose effectively.

That’s where the transformative power of branding comes in. At its core, a rebrand or a brand refresh is a process of clarifying your core messaging and improving design. It is a process that can fundamentally unlock a new level of impact for nonprofits by drawing in a broader audience, inspiring big donations, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

Establishing a Strong Brand Foundation

At the heart of every nonprofit lies a powerful story waiting to be told. Engaging in a comprehensive brand strategy process allows you to articulate your organization’s essence in a way that resonates with your audience. Through collaboration (and some soul-searching), you can craft a clear and compelling brand message that encapsulates who you are, what you do, and, most importantly, why you do it. This authentic and consistent brand identity becomes a bedrock of trust and credibility.

Improving Design for More Impact

Our world is filled with distractions. Visual appeal is crucial to cutting through the noise and capturing hearts. Potential donors and partners yearn to be part of something they can be proud of. They want to be connected to something that inspires and resonates deeply. By partnering with experienced design professionals, you can create a visual brand identity that reflects the heart of your work and captivates the attention of those who can truly champion your cause. A modern and distinctive visual identity — from logos to websites and essential brand assets — amplifies your credibility and attracts a growing community of passionate supporters.

Strategic Communication for Donor Engagement

Your story holds the power to inspire action. Developing a customized communication strategy allows you to articulate your mission in a way that deeply connects with potential donors. By aligning your messaging across various channels, including contemporary websites, engaging social media content, and impactful email campaigns, you foster stronger connections with your audience. Transparent and cohesive communication helps donors understand your mission and encourages their active participation in supporting your work.

The Impact on Revenue

When you invest in branding and design, you invest in the future of your organization. A well-defined brand, infused with compelling messaging and modern design, has the transformative ability to attract more donors, build stronger relationships, and foster ongoing support. By standing out from the crowd with clarity and consistency, you gain greater visibility, ignite increased engagement, and open doors to deeper and broader revenue streams.

Your brand is not just a logo or a tagline—it’s the heartbeat that breathes life into your mission. It resonates with those who share your vision and inspires them to join you in creating lasting change. With a strong, modern, and well-established brand foundation, your organization can elevate its credibility, engage a broader audience, and expand its impact on the world.

We’ve seen the end success firsthand. Following a rebrand (core messaging and visual identity), one of our clients saw its revenue grow by more than 50% the following year. Their staff was able to rally around clearly established core messaging. Their website traffic increased. The time people spent on their website went up significantly. Their board members were more excited about sharing about the work they are involved in. Existing donors gave more because it was more clear what their support was accomplishing. And new donors were compelled to join the cause.

Together, let us unleash the heart of change through the transformative power of branding.

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Your story is waiting to be told.

Todd & Bill

Bill Cummings

Bill is a seasoned nonprofit founder, leader, marketer, fundraiser, and storyteller. He is the founder and former executive director of Lemonade International and has served in leadership positions with Zoe Empowers and Restore NYC. He works with clients on organizational strategy, branding, fundraising, and communications.

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